‘Creating a life I don’t need holiday from’

What I do now...

Current situation

Personally I am pretty direct, honest and transparent. Here you can find what I currently do.

  • Design, Develop and Management of WordPress & Wix sites
  • Customer Relationship Specialist for international clients @ ModSquad 
  • Local Producer / Fixer for commercials and TV programs
  • Entrepreneur
As you can see I have various roles, but my main point of interest is Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing I have found my passion. 

WordPress & Wix

Over the past few years, I have developed my skills. I have created websites for Real Estate Companies to Resorts with booking tools etc. 

For all business we have, we have people that are working in the in our entities.

I now dedicate all the time I have to create your website, and I am a Remote Customer Relationship Specialist for international clients @ ModSquad 

I help in guiding you to the perfect website that matches your goal and vision. I ensure you get traffic by setting-up a basic SEO and advising you how to use Social Media to its utmost best and ensure getting traffic to your websites. To generate traffic to your website and/or shop via your social media strategy is essential.   

With Evoque Creative, we specialize in content creation and marketing plans that will benefit the overall goal of your new website. 

For my Portfolio, please check the page What I did

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Website creation and design with bookings tool and Channel Manager
Website creation and design
Website creation and Design plus Real Estate & Management tool for listings