Koen Robroek

Who am I?

I am Koen Robroek, 37 years old, born in Brunssum, The Netherlands. On my 17th. I moved to Utrecht and studied Tourism. After a year I decided to do something else; Art, Culture and Amusement in Amsterdam. I had two internships within the Television field (Editor and Producer). I was offered a job at a production company at the age of 21, however, in my opinion, way too young, so I went to The Theatre school and did my Bachelor in Theatre and Education.
After two years of studying, I decided to leave the school of Theatre and went back to the TV industry at ViacomCBS (former MTV Network & Viacom International Media Networks). I worked there almost 7 years before following my dreams and started Grupo Valle del Eden in the South of Spain. I wanted a life I didn’t need a holiday from. I have more freedom to establish my work as Fixer / Local Producer and renting out my dome on my land. 

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What I did

Some of the feature work I am proud on

These are assignments that I am proud of. Each for their own reason. My goal is to always keep learning. Development is the key to improve and grow, both personal as professional. 

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What I do now?

Currently, I am as Fixer / Local Producer for TV shows and making websites, which I do under the Evoque Creative label, where we specialize in content creation and marketing.

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