Koen Robroek

Who am I?

I am Koen Robroek, 34 years old, born in Brunssum, The Netherlands. On my 17th. I moved to Utrecht and studied Tourism. After a year I decided to do something else; Art, Culture and Amusement in Amsterdam. I moved to Amsterdam on my 19th. During my study, I had two internships within the Television field (Editor and Producer). I was offered a job at a production company at the age of 21, however, in my opinion, way too young, so I went to The Theater school and did my Bachelor in Theater and Education.
After two years of studying, I decided to leave the school of Theater and wanted to go back to the TV industry and ended up at ViacomCBS (former MTV Network & Viacom International Media Networks). I worked there almost 8 years before following my dreams and started Grupo Valle del Eden in the South of Spain. I wanted a life I didn’t need a holiday from. We started a boutique Hotel which gave me more freedom to establish my remote work as web designer and fixer. From my off the grid country home I had built, that is…

Welcome To My Website

This website is to show future clients what I am cable of. I create websites for various businesses, Real Estate Companies, to Boutique hotels to small Eco-resorts, for a Film and TV Production Companies. 
I work with WordPress and WIX and create websites with stunning design thinking about the user experience and on how they would use their websites taking in mind the websites goals set to achive and support the end goal. I also do basic SEO to create more traffic to your website. 

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What I did

Some of the feature work I am proud on

These are assignments that I am extremely proud of. Each for the own reason. One for my role, the other for what I have learned. My goal is to always keep learning. Development is the key to improve and grow, both personal as professional. 

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What I do now?

Currently I am working with Grupo Erik as E-commerce Marketeer 

Next to that I create websites for businesses that would like to grow their brand and have a rebranding of their website. I talk you by the hand in the creative process, and we will discuss and create a website specially made for you. I take into account your goals and translate that in website actions. 

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